Sticky Buddy Features

stickyBuddy_02Every tool provides an innovative approach to detailed cleaning. Many hair-removal gadgets claim to remove pet hair and other tiny particles from fabric surfaces. The Sticky Buddy will provide superior results through these useful features.


  • Easy removal of hair, lint, crumbs and other tiny particles that adhere to fabric.
  • Ability to reach deep between carpet fibers with rubber fingers.
  • Safe for use on couches, car interiors, clothing or upholstery around the house.
  • Smaller version of the Sticky Buddy for use where there is a need for removing pet hair, dander or other tiny debris.
  • Easy-to-clean surface that will become sticky again as it dries.

All of these great features allow the pet owner to reach any surface that has captured pet hair. After each use, water changes the sticky property of the surface so that it will release the hair. As the tool dries, the surface regains the sticky quality that makes it work so well.


Great Sticky Buddy Value

For a limited time, a special offer is available for those who order by clicking here. Inside the package, the following items will be included for the low price of $10.99 plus $6.99 shipping and handling:

  • Standard-size, hand-held Sticky Buddy tool.
  • Compact, travel tool for quick touch-ups and travel.

For an additional shipping charge of just $6.99, the order will include:

  • Large Sticky Buddy with extra-long handle for cleaning floors and hard-to-reach surfaces.

Fast action will ensure that the special offers are available. When the purchaser upgrades the order, the option for free shipping will be offered.