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Pet lovers would rather be known for their winning smiles than their hairy clothes. The Sticky Buddy is the lint roller that will allow pet lovers to remove all evidence of pet ownership from clothes, car upholstery, carpet and other surfaces. Clingy hair strands, crumbs, cat litter and other debris can be removed from any fabric surface by using the reusable Sticky Buddy. This versatile tool will reach small area where unsightly fragments settle after the pet has left the area. All of the tiny particles that come in contact with the sticky surface will remain attached until the tool is cleaned. This convenient feature means that the debris will not be relocated to another area on the couch, coat or car seat.


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Anywhere the dog or cat chooses for a favorite napping place can be cleaned with a few passes with the Sticky Buddy. Elimination of pet hair will reduce the irritation from allergies for the home occupants and visitors alike. An entire couch can be cleaned in just a few minutes prior to the arrival of visitors. Once this amazing tool becomes a part of the housecleaning routine, friends and family will wonder if the pets were banned from the home.


Little rubber fingers reach between fibers to release ground in stubborn messes that leave telltale signs that furry friends are near. After using the Sticky Buddy, simply wash it with soapy water and allow it to dry. The sticky surface on the Sticky Buddy will emerge as the tool dries.